Monday, 30 August 2010

The Deserted

He sees many a time in his mind
The salty breeze touching his face
It is so full and heavy
And it makes him feel alive

He breathes in the air
The smell of all his memories
The ones that are worth holding
The comfort of being at home

He dips his feet into the sand
And a warmth spreads through hisself
A warmth of familiar ground
A warmth of a place he owns

He hears the hum of the waves
The swoosh and the woosh
Like a thousand men
All playing for him, his song

He walks closer to the water
Thinking that he is finally here
A place that is filled with his happiness
A place that embraces him

How many a time has he been here
Sitting on the shore
Contemplating his thoughts
Thinking about all that was to be thought of

Walls erected on his way
Blows that almost felled him
Demons inside that thretened to consume him
And thieves who tried to steal his belief

And he would sit on this same shore
Looking at the infinite sea
And it held him in its arms
And would make run all the fears

He waits on the shore
Waiting for the waves to bathe his legs
As if to say welcome son
Don't worry I am here

And the waves they come after long
And they wet his feet and sink it in sand
Where is the warmth he came for?
Where is the comfort he searched?

He sees as his eyes well up
That day has passed before
The sun is on the horizon
Bidding its final adieu

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Paradox

He wakes up one day and sees behind
And he sees, what he does not see
He sees a world in new light
In what he defines, the world to be
Nothing he knew, makes sense anymore
Nothing he knew, is what he knows anymore
Everything is bathed by the light of heaven
A new light of self realisation

He defines what is, with his deep thought
By the power that he has, that none have around
He defines the worlds darkness and light
He defines all he knows, and all that he doesn’t
When did he get this insight for all
He knows not when that moment came
But now everything needs to be told
As he reckons he knows of them all

The skies are blue and blood is red
Love is spring and loss is grey
The sun is god and the moon is not
And all that he cannot change is the fault of that,
Which he cannot see which he does not know,
Which is away but still controls who he is

The illusion of control grows stronger still
And his mind it becomes a wall of mortar
Ever growing strong as the water of doubt evaporates
And he builds around him a world that he dreams

He defines and defines
Not knowing that he is fooling,
The mind that he has and making it what he wants
And behold he stands on the precipice of life,
Seeing around him words that mean not,
And colours that are not, anymore

He stands there among billions
All of them as one, all of them alone
All of them staring at what they have called
And they smile a sense of realization
Happiness filling them, that they have understood
What the creator wanted them all to know

And as they gloat at their enlightenment
The world around them smiles
Knowing that this is the end of itself
Knowing that they will no longer be the same

As one moves forward it nears the end
And the end is where it shall all be

But as every old man wishes for death
To be embraced and kissed by the end
The world too has wished for it
And there walked man from the forests within

The deliverer never knows what he brings
What he is doing to bring salvation
And that is where we are on the path of deliverance
Not knowing we are the angels of death