Monday, 31 January 2011


How do you know that the world isn’t laughing
When you walk around in your shoes
Aren’t you looking around at the other faces?
That walk with you and see you
And those that see you but pretend not to
And those that stare to read your gait
And those that judge and those that seem not to

How do you know they are all not laughing?
Conspiring to take away whatever it is you hold onto
Whatever it is that makes you walk
Whatever it is that makes you go

Makes you think if you want to see the faces, doesn’t it?
Makes you think if reading them is worth the pain
The sleepless nights of contemplation
Of all the evil designs that could be but are not

But are they? What if?
That is what eats your mind
That is what makes you open the door
The thought of being seen naïve

Ignorance is bliss
How do I unknow the known now?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Unemployed Expatriate

“WHERE IS THE INVOICE COPY” David shouted slamming his phone down.

The secretary Miss Chen and the Trainee Andrew were rummaging through the piles of papers on David’s desk.


“Hello” a cheerful voice answered from the other end. The sound of running water filled the speaker.

“Hi Mister Ron, Did I get you at a bad time?” David asked the man with utmost politeness.

“Hello David, no its ok go ahead.”

“I was wondering if your bank could speed up the process, you see I couriered your bank a copy of the invoice but now Miss Ellie wants me to send her the original copy. We need the credit today to pay off some liabilities and I was wondering if …”

“Ok David I will talk to her.” And disconnected the phone.

“Useless fellow” David mumbled under his breath.

“What are you doing with all that Andy? Didn’t I tell you to file them last week?” David shouted at Andy as Andy scooped up a pile of papers and ran off to the next room.

David joined in with Miss Chen muttering “Such a mess, how disorganized can you be? When we want something we cannot find it, Miss Chen didn’t you file a bunch of papers last week on this deal?”

“Yes Mr. David I checked those it wasn’t … “

“Would it hurt to check again? Just check and if it is not there we can move on” David said sternly as his phone rang, he looked at the caller id.

“Damit” he muttered under his breath.

“Hi Turner” David answered pleasantly.

“Yes yes don’t worry Turner the money will be credited by noon, I just got off the phone with Mr. Ron from New Horizon Bank, he tells me it’s all in order and the credit will happen immediately. They are just going over some documentation today and it will be done. I will keep you updated Mr. Turner, don’t worry. Yes you too. Bye.” David kept the phone down.

Andrew walked into the room with a wad of papers in his hand his face full of fear.

“Excuse me Mr. David” He said with a lot of effort to bring out his voice.

David looked at Andrew, trying to keep calm and hear out what miniscule insignificant detail Andrew had to say. He looked at the fear in Andrews eyes and grabbed the papers in Andrews hand and saw them. In a fit of anger he threw all the papers on Andrews face and a paper weight at the wall. He slammed both his hands on the table and slowly looked up at Andrew.

“So not only is my Invoice couriered to Hong Kong, but my Incorporation papers that need to be in Hong Kong today are here instead? Do you know the repercussions you twit? My company loses its license in the largest city of our operation and we lose business and a client who singlehandedly can pay for all our operations here. If only you were not my sisters … get out of here” David tells Andrew in a stern voice and picks up his phone to dial a number.

“Miss Chen, make sure a copy of these are mailed to the licensing authority in Hong Kong and …” he held up a finger to Miss Chen.

“Hi Mr. Ron, I am sorry but the invoice …” Andrew closed the door behind him and walked to his chair. He sat down opened his laptop and logged into face book.

>>What a nightmare … wish all Davids die of constipation

Andrew updated his face book page.

>>Dude what did I do to you?
>>What happened dude: D
>>Party to celebrate the nightmares
>>What happened honey
>>Andrew you fool, you should have done another PhD

He saw the comments one after another. The door opened and Miss Chen walked out.

She looked at him disapprovingly with an air of 'tsks'.


Andrew thought.
“Excuse me”
Andrew turned to the door. A man stood at the door holding a wad of papers. He pulled out one sheet and handed it to Andrew. The man was dressed in a shabby full arm shirt and a fading formal trouser. Andrew read the piece of paper handed to him.

RESUME – Charles Henry Johnson it read.

“What can I say Mr. Ron, I am surrounded by incompetence … “Andrew heard Mr. David say from inside the room.

In a fit of anger Andrew crumpled the Resume of Charles Henry Johnson and threw it at his face. With no indication of the insult he had just endured, Charles Henry Johnson bent down and picked up the crumpled piece of paper. He placed it in the middle of the stack of resumes he was carrying and he walked out as his phone rang.

“Hello” Charles answered the phone as he walked out of the office.

“Charlie? It’s Helen. I just came back from Moms funeral. It went well. Mom would have liked you here.”

“Hmmm” Charlie said.

“Oh and Mr. Hilton was asking for you, he was talking about a 150,000 dollars that he had given for Moms surgery, I told him you will be in town next week and you will have the money then. Is that ok?”

“Hmmm, I will call you later. I am in the middle of something.” Charlie said his lips quivering with sadness.

“O.k. … love you sweetie, don’t worry I will take good care of Dad until you get back” Helen blew Charles a kiss and disconnected the phone.

Charles kept the phone in his pocket and walked to the next office door and held out his resume.


With another crumpled piece of paper added to his stack of resumes Charles walked to the next door.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Light is a wondrous thing
It makes you see colors a many
The sky that is blue
The sea that is green
The rainbow a palette

You see the world in all this color and the light it starts to fade

You see the shadows of all that you saw with oh so many colors once
The shadows they grow and anxious you become
For the colors that made you smile are gone

And then you see the dark sky
The black sea
And no rainbow

When you see what you held so loved
Vanish and take with it the world as you see it
Anger rises within you
And spiteful words unleash

Remember, for this day will come
When you fear what you love will leave
And that fear will make you utter words of spite
That will take your loved away

The sun will rise another day
And your joy will return to your face
But how many suns can forgive you
For they vanish not by their own fault but by your world dawning a night