Thursday, 26 May 2011

A man who does not fear loss, becomes a man who takes things for granted.
A man who takes things for granted, eventually does not respect what he has and loses it.

On the other hand.

A man who fears losing, becomes a man paranoid and clingy.
A clingy man drives away what he fears he will lose.

This is what happens when you create the world in 7 days.

                                                                                           - The wise old man

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Different Strokes

Its like you learn to draw,

first comes the dot,
then comes a line,
followed by the curves,
that then become squiggles,
and then they are shades,
though all of them Grey,
don't you just love it all?

when you start its but a paper,
then you draw a face,
and the nose becomes an eye,
and you draw another face,
so what if its another face?
Or even if it has three eyes?
don't you still love it all?

you might see the entire picture,
or just lone little doodles,
a complete image,
or small images coalesce,
one, two, three, too many
but don't you love it all?

some paint on it,
some show light and depth,
some just let the shapes be,
and imagine a world in itself,
some rub their chins, wizened,
but really see just blocks,
and some look but a callous glance,
and reckon all meaning in their world,
they do and see to judge and be judged,
but don't you love them all?

What is to be?
To few stroke a master piece?
Or learn to draw from a crumpled sheet?
But whats the point if you don't love it all?