Sunday, 19 June 2011

How to learn what words mean

Swirling around in circles it hardly forms a shape, you try to look at it and stare at it and figure out what it means.

'Ah this, it means so and so, such and such' he says.

'yes thats what it is' she says.

'we agree' they all say.

You look at it, shapeless, and you give it a shape, you call it so and so. Most often you don't see it but time makes it be what they told you it is.


One day you see the swirls and it becomes clear, what it means, what they claimed it meant, what you think it means. Once the weight of your definition lightens and you realize what meaning it bears a strange sense of knowledge fills you, and you begin to enjoy every breath that utters it, every vowel that livens it and consonant that shapes it. Realization and experience is what etches meaning in stone.